Gosta Berling visits and plays this week. Kendra K.’s hosting. December 14.

Oakland/San Francisco-based post-punk/indie outfit Gosta Berling will be stopping in for an extended visit to the KALX studios as the musical guests this Saturday with our night’s host, Kendra K. presiding over the festivities.    They’ll be playing songs from their EP (“Travel”) as well as treating us to a sampling of some of the new songs they’re currently working on for their upcoming album which they’ll be recording/releasing soon.

Gosta Berling
Gosta Berling is in the house. Literally!

The band is an amalgam of British post-punk, shoegaze, and American indie.  Their music features a narrative lyrical style which they like to refer to as “melodramatic indie pop”.  The band’s name comes from  a 1924 silent film from Sweden called “The Saga of Gosta Berling” which marked the debut of Greta Garbo.

Gosta Berling is:

  • Damon Anderson – vocals, guitar
  • Greg Dubrow – bass, vocals
  • David Goudreau – guitar
  • Andre Julien – drums, vocals

Band influences include Velvet Underground, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths, The National, The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, early REM, Leonard Cohen, Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo and Compassionate Cooks.

When they aren’t making music, the band finds they are amused/intrigued by pie, vegan food, movies, World Of Warcraft (just Damon is amused/intrigued by this one, actually) and recycling rain water.

Want to find out a little more?  Check them out on their Facebook Page, on bandcamp, on Twitter, as well as their actual website: www.gostaberling.com.

So, wherever your travels take you this Saturday, make sure you take a little KALX with you.  Tune in on the airwaves at 90.7 fm, online through the kalx.berkeley.edu website (or via Soundtap, Tune-in, or your preferred method on the internets) or you can get it on your smartphone.  It’s easy.  Have an iPhone?  Get the FREE App!  Look in the App store for “KALX” and you’ll find it.  We put it there for you.  Because we want to go where you’re going.  Are we there yet?  Hey, can we visit a record store?  What’s for dinner?  Are we getting take-out?

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