Rock ‘n Roll (and twist ‘n shout) with The Chuckleberrys this Saturday! Host Cia Cia La Pirata. November 23.

The Bay Area has grown and nurtured an incredible number of music-makers — more than you could shake a stick at (and seriously, why go around shaking sticks at those nice musicians anyway?).  But none have more heart, soul, talent and sheer go-go-go-power than those earnest, enthusiastic and wildly talented guys who comprise the supergroup The Chuckleberrys.

Aptly described as “rock and roll royalty” by The Bay Bridged, The Chuckleberrys (Russell Quan, Jay Rosen, Dave Seabury and Dave Kurtz) are the real deal.  They’ve all been in plenty of luminously famous projects, and still are busy as heck with so many bands it’s hard to fathom how they’re even all free to play as The Chuckleberrys.  But play they do!   And they do it for the pure fun of it, the deep love of the music, bringing to life a vast and lengthy catalog of 60’s-era treasures both well-known and rare.


Bay Area supergroup The Chuckleberrys
Bay Area supergroup The Chuckleberrys

This Saturday night on the show, host Cia Cia La Pirata has invited this hard-workin’/fun-lovin’ ‘way-more-than-a-cover’ band to come into the Performance Studio (aka: the Hotbox) to give you a 60’s-era rock ’em-sock ’em dance party for your ears!

They say they’re even planning on taking your instant requests… so get ready to call in before (and maybe during?) their set to give them a challenge.

The show starts at 9 PM, and we expect to get the Chucks into the Performance Studio to start playing right around 9:30.

For a little more  info on Facebook, look here:

So if you have a request for them, call 510-642-5259, that’s 642-K-A-L-X!  You don’t even need to know the Phrase That Pays* or anything.  Tune in locally on your radio (at 90.7 fm) online (at or on your smarter phones via Tune-In, Soundtap or the FREE KALX iPhone App.

Be there!  (figuratively speaking, of course)  We mean… LISTEN!

*(The “Phrase That Pays”?  Ha!… there isn’t one that we know of!)

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