Tin Cup Serenade with host Bison Run on KALX Live! November 16.

This week, Tin Cup Serenade is coming in to visit and play for us, and for you — the listeners — so tune in and hear what they have on offer.  You might be able to get a feel for this bi-coastal* band by seeing what they write about themselves:

“Shifting between Jazz, Blues, Calypso, weepy Westerns, Mariachi, Noir, Car Chases, Soap Operas, Suicidal diaries, death defying leaps into the musical void, Tin Cup Serenade have a timeless sound all their own. Tragic songs of hope, hopeful songs of tragedy.”

Host Bison Run is in charge this week, so he’ll be interviewing the band after their live set.  We’ll find out what’s new/what’s next for these guys… as well as hearing more about their upcoming gig on November 29th at Revolution Cafe (3248 22nd Street, San Francisco).  So do tune in this Saturday and see how it all “plays out”, won’t you?

Tin Cup Serenade
Tin Cup Serenade

If you would like to find out a little more about Tin Cup Serenade, you can click on over to their Facebook Page, or their website too.

Here’s a track off their album released in April 2013 (“Tragic Songs of Hope”).

The song’s called “Sunny Oakland Day”.  Tin Cup Serenade - Sunny Oakland Day song  Check it out!  http://tincupserenade.bandcamp.com/track/sunny-oakland-day

So whether you tune in with your radio, locally via the airwaves at 90.7 fm… or online from anyplace you have managed to get yourself, at kalx.berkeley.edu… or even via smartphone through Tunein or Soundtap, or the free KALX iPhone App (search the App Store now!) you’re sure to be glad you have a little KALX in your life.  Thanks for listening, everybody!

*Oh, and when we said “bi-coastal” we meant two coasts of San Francisco Bay, of course!  (Oakland side and SF side)

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