The Spyrals psych out with host Probono Bonobo this week. November 2.

Host Probono Bonobo welcomes the San Francisco based band The Spyrals to the show this week.  Their music is definitely influenced by the Psychedelic sound of  the 60’s and Garage Rock as well, but they make it clear that they feel the label of “Psych” gets thrown around more than its fair share nowadays.  They’re not simply a stylistic throwback to an era gone by.

The Spyrals


Their second album called “Out Of Sight” is out now, and the first 500 copies are on vibrant red vinyl.  Check it out here, on their Bandcamp Page:

You can also watch a video-interview with the group, including a few of their songs, done by Get Bent.  Find it here:

For Halloween, The Spyrals went all out!   They played a gig as Creedence Clearwater Revival!  Strange but true, according to their post on Facebook.  Check out their Facebook Page and see for yourself:

Then remember to tune in Saturday night for the show on your 90.7 fm KALX Berkeley!  Online at!

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