Cal Football preempts our show tonight.

Tonight, we’re expecting a full preemption because of the Cal Football game coverage.  Unless we’re surprised (and we mean really surprised…) with a really fast-moving game there will be no KALX Live! programming this evening.

Hey there!  Don’t be too bummed out.  Maybe you’ll go catch some live music tonight for yourself.

Before you take off to hear something live out at a local (or not-so-local) venue… we want to remind you of one small but important thing.

Please, take a moment to call 510-642-5259 to give any amount you can to 90.7 fm KALX Berkeley because it’s the very last days of our 2013 Fundraiser… NOW!

Yes, our once-a-year Fundraiser ends Sunday night — that’s tomorrow night — at Midnight.  After Midnight tomorrow it’s over.  What we raise is pretty much our operating budget for the whole fiscal year.  UC Berkeley is generous to give us space, electricity, a roof over our heads down in the basement… but besides the basics, it’s up to all of us… and YOU.

So if you love KALX, if you love our live & local music showcase that we bring you weekly on “KALX Live!”, please remember to do what you can.  And ask your friends to do the same.  Thanks.

You can see the regular premiums online too, over at

Go Bears!  See you next week!  Pledge to your KALX radio… NOW!   Thank you so much.


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