Trails And Ways on the 2013 Fundraiser with hosts Cia Cia La Pirata & The Outlaw Johnny P! October 19!

Hey everyone!  Although we’re going to be coming at you a little (okay, a lot) later than normal this Saturday (once again) due to Cal Football’s 7:30 PM kick-off time, we WILL be on with a killer show!  …Eventually!

Trails And Ways amazing and benevolent KALX-lovers for sure — will be joining us in the studio to help raise our spirits (and raise funds…) on this very, very exciting 2013 Fundraiser edition of the program!

Trails And Ways
Trails And Ways

We’ll be bringing you their freshly recorded set (made about 2 hours earlier in the evening) — and interview too — after (YES, AFTER) Midnight.  That’s right.  We’re going late!  It only seems fair that we take over the airwaves as long as possible since we’ll have only about an hour or so of official Fundraiser-time to entertain the KALX faithful who wanna donate to help our station stay strong.  Well, going later makes a lot of sense to us.  Plus, they’re letting us.

Find out more about Trails And Ways these places:  Their website:  Their Facebook Page:  Their Twitter: (they post a lot!), and… their Tumblr as well:

Cia Cia La Pirata and The (elusive and rarely heard) Outlaw Johnny P will be co-hosting this auspicious event.  And it really will be an event!   We’ve got a ton of special Thank-You Premiums (curated JUST FOR YOU… the fan of our show, “KALX Live!”) that we’ll be offering as additional ways you can choose to be thanked.  A TON of cool things!   You’ll agree.  It’ll be a plethora.  A boatload.  A veritable CAVALCADE of great music, signed art prints, band schwag… oh man, oh man… the bounty!

Tune in.  Help KALX during the 2013 Fundraiser.  Help show your support during our moment in the sun… er, our moment in the night?  It’ll be your one-and-only shot to donate during “KALX Live!” because next week’s show’s preempted (completely) by the Cal Sports football coverage too.  Anyway, this Saturday night, we should get our shortened show on the road by ABOUT 11 PM, give or take.  DO NOT MISS IT.

90.7 FM…… iPhone App… just listen!   However you prefer.

A thrilling visit from Trails And Ways… double the hosts… KALX schwag thank-you gifts… special premiums for OUR SHOW… mayhem… madness… excitement… pageantry… and about 15 extra-special cuts from the archives!

Oh, and THIS JUST IN! — There will be a message from a former “KALX-Live!” dignitary.  (Hmmmmm!)

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